Jordan Peterson on Why We Need the Catholic Faith

“I think Catholicism is about as sane as people can get,” says psychologist/author Jordan Peterson. “We need a narrative metaphysic to hold us together. It has to be predicated on something transcendent and absolute. And if you lose that, you’ll fall for something else” (PragerU, July 2019.)

Peterson, himself a practitioner of no particular religion but a frequent outside observer of the Roman Catholic Church, is more right than he realizes. Catholicism is the one and only true faith, and through this Christ-ordained institution God offers us transcendence and absolute truth.

But how many Catholics believe that? How many of the world’s 1.2 billion members of Holy Mother Church actually believe they’re taking part in the only true religion? Every recent poll conducted by Pew shows that Catholics support contrary-to-Catholic-doctrine social movements such as same-sex marriage in greater numbers than any religious group other than Jews and “nones.” Many “Catholic” politicians such as Nancy Pelosi and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez make sure they are photographed on Ash Wednesday sporting their ashes, but when it comes to abortion they seem to forget what their religion says.

It’s easy to see how Protestants and evangelicals have lost their way; their churches and movements were born of various catalysts ranging from legitimate frustration with Catholic corruption to outright rebellion and self worship. That’s why today many Protestant churches have transgressed much further than allowing divorce and remarriage; some denominations, such as Episcopalians and Presbyterians, celebrate lgbt Pride and perform gay weddings, and they often preach sermons praising Planned Parenthood and gun control (“Largest Presbyterian Denomination Gives Final Approval for Same-Sex Marriage,” The New York Times, Laurie Goodstein, March 2015.) Protestant denominations cannot be expected to preach the truth, when they never had access to what Peterson called “transcendence,” (although some come closer than others.) They never knew the truth.

But maybe even Protestant errors and reluctance to join into communion with Christ’s Church are the fault of the Catholic Church, for two reasons. For starters, the Church no longer has the moral credibility it once enjoyed, due to endless scandals. (Yes, according to insurance companies, Protestants have the exact same scandals in their churches, but should more not be expected of the one true faith?)

The second reason there’s hardly any compelling reason to join the Catholic faith is what that faith has become since the Second Vatican Council of the 1960’s. Vatican 2–with its aging, sort-of-liberal baby boomer priests; modern, plain, Protestant-esque church buildings; and sugary Novus Ordo mass–is a historical tragedy in terms of religion.

Throughout the years all the way through the 50’s, stepping into a Catholic Church was to truly stand on holy ground. The incense, the Latin, the beautiful cathedrals that honored God with architecture, the women wearing veils…it was transporting. It offered a vision of what the early Christians were up to with which no smiling Presbyterian pastor or hip evangelical youth minister could ever hope to compete.

Compare that with today’s easygoing Church which tries so hard to convince Protestants that our religion is no different from there’s. We have similar church buildings now, the new Catholic Church exclaims; our new mass is in English (and Spanish and German) now just like your church services! Our new Catholic Church de-emphasizes sin, sacrifice, and devotion to Our Lady.

When Notre Dame–that crown jewel of western civilization where medieval knights attended mass–was burning in broad daylight on that terrible day last spring, it might as well have been a symbol of what is happening to the only Church instituted by Christ Himself. We are dying in plain sight, and–just like with Notre Dame–Apple and Disney, not the Pope or the Vatican, are offering us salvation (“Apple and Disney Offer to Help Rebuild Notre Dame Cathedral,” Mashable, Danica D’Souza, April 2019.)

Thankfully, young people are embracing the Latin Mass and Traditional Catholicism in record numbers (“Young Catholics Tell Bishops: We’re Here for Tradition,” Church Militant.) Young Catholics are practicing the ancient traditions of their rich spiritual inheritance in spite of the scoldings by Pope Francis, who praises Islam and celebrates the Protestant Reformation, who warmly invites Lutherans to pray with him as fellow believers but who blasts Traditionalist Catholics as “rigid” and backwards. In cities across the world there is a youthful awakening of interest in the Catholicism that existed for almost two thousand years. These young Catholics are proudly telling their Protestant friends how much they revere the Blessed Virgin.

A few weeks after the outsider Jordan Peterson semi-praised the Catholic faith for its transcendence and absolution, he told Bishop Barren that the Church needs to ask more of its members and to balance its mercy with more justice. Little did Peterson know he was asking the Church to go back to how it used to be. It’s time to draw a line in the sand–to fish or cut bait. It’s time to make Catholicism Catholic again.


Stop Politicizing Sports

Thanks largely to World Cup soccer champ Megan Rapinoe, sports-related “news” is once again splattered all over the media (both of the news and social variety) by left-wing activists who don’t even watch sports but who want to push several agendas, from anti-American views to supposed gender pay disparity. That’s a shame.

Rapinoe successfully courted media attention by slamming President Trump and repeatedly claiming that if the leader of the free world invites their team to the White House she will turn down the invitation. Her fans have encouraged her by chanting a vulgar anti-Trump phrase after her games. And Rapinoe went on MSNBC for a fawning interview in which Rachel Maddow expresses her apparently sincere wish for Rapinoe to run for President. The soccer player did not rule out the possibility.

Rapinoe joins NFL reject and Nike spokesman (and apparently Nike business consultant) Colin Kaepernick in their shared rabble-rousing against patriotism. Kaepernick, of course, became the poster boy for anti-police demonstrations by refusing to stand for the national anthem. Ostensibly this was to protest a perceived national crisis of police brutality against black males, but there was always a layer of anti-Americanism behind that veneer; he always maintained he couldn’t support a country where his race was mistreated.

Now, that anti-patriotism at the root of Kaepernick’s kneeling crusade is clear from his pressuring Nike to drop their Betsy Ross flag shoe. On Independence Day Kaepernick took to social media to scold the country where he has made millions of dollars (mostly for NOT playing a game,) accusing America of racism.

Why Nike chose to listen to Kaepernick is anyone’s guess; conservatives are still wondering why he was the center of their “Sacrificing Everything” campaign when every branch of our military is full of true heroes who really did sacrifice everything.

Now Rapinoe’s teammate Alex Morgan is out there in the press dutifully pushing all the issues the establishment has on their agenda, from the so-called gender pay gap to the supposed double standards regarding obnoxious celebrations of male and female athletes (some fans were annoyed by Morgan’s tea-sipping, which seems trivial now that the media is pushing for Madame President Rapinoe.)

But there’s no reason to pay the women’s team the same as the men’s team when the men earn almost three times as much revenue. Male sports dominate ratings and merchandise revenue and advertising sales because, despite the social engineering from Nike and the media, most fans would rather watch men’s sports. That’s basic economics, free from political agendas. That’s how capitalism works and if these players don’t understand that then maybe they should stick to what they’re experts on: soccer.

Rush Limbaugh thinks Rapinoe is gunning for Nike to make her the LGBTQ Kaepernick. But a few paragraphs ago I wrote the words “the media is pushing for Madame President Rapinoe.” So a Nike sponsorship is the least of our worries.

Dem Debate Proves Conservatives Cannot Afford to Get Comfortable

Every Democratic presidential candidate on the stage during the second night of televised debates raised his or her hand in support of giving free health care to illegal immigrants. This is just one (striking) example of what’s at stake in the 2020 election.

President Trump ran as an anti-establishment social conservative: pro-life (a new position for him,) pro-2nd Amendment, pro-business, and tough on crime and illegal immigration. He advocated an America-First foreign policy.

He does not get nearly enough credit for his many accomplishments achieved in a short time: he ended our involvement in some unnecessary foreign policing and sent troops home. He appointed two solid Supreme Court judges and helped Justice Kavanaugh endure a contentious battle for his seat.

He changed tax laws and helped businesses keep more money to share with employees. The stock market is doing well under the Trump administration. The man knows what he’s doing, and he’s doing it uphill while fighting off unprecedented attacks from an adversarial media and from unhinged Democrats who somehow mistook losing the election as a mandate.

Taking the Democrats at their word after this week’s debates, here’s what at stake if we don’t re-elect President Trump in 2020:

*The United States will open its borders like never before. The left will be emboldened by their win and will change our county’s demographics forever.

*People here illegally will receive health insurance, as well as all other taxpayer- funded entitlements and resources. Illegal immigrants will also be allowed to vote.

*States will lose their right to ban, restrict, or discourage abortions.

*Religious business owners will lose their right to not participate in providing birth control, or celebrating divorce, gender transitioning, and same- sex marriage.

*Businesses will face new financial hardships due to new environmental regulations.

*Taxes will be raised on the middle class to pay for every unrealistic proposal.

We cannot afford to make the same mistakes leftists made in 2016 when they laughed hysterically at the idea that Hillary Clinton would lose. We cannot get complacent. Save the champagne for when we win.

How the Right Became the Side of Free Speech

Jordan Peterson recently announced plans for a new social media discussion platform called thinkspot. The gimmick? You can express yourself by saying what you want. What better example of the depraved state to which our culture has plummeted than the idea that free speech is now an edgy selling point.

Decades ago, Jerry Falwell’s Moral Majority was galvanizing conservative Christians to remake the GOP to their liking, and partly they were waging war against an increasingly sexualized culture. Their frequent targets were Hollywood movies and video games which were supposedly poisoning kids’ minds. Joining forces with Pat Robertson, Dr James Dobson, and the Catholic League of Decency, these conservative activists helped create a culture where saying the F word on network TV or ripping up a picture of His Holiness Pope John Paul II on SNL would land a career in hot water.

Today, the culture has flipped. Liberals have become the new scolds. Twitter activists scour new movie scripts for any sign of political incorrectness or subtle slights against marginalized groups. “It’s cool the female Avengers get their due in Endgame,” the leftists point out, “but why are none of the Avengers LGBTQ?” Older films are dug up and put under the woke microscope. “Hey, that boy in The Sandlot pretended to be unconscious so the pretty female lifeguard would give him mouth to mouth! That’s rape culture!”

Celebrities are “cancelled” if they say anything wrong–aka not woke. Justin Bieber was being anti-Semitic when he wrote that Anne Frank would have been a fan of his music (was she not a teen girl?) Ricky Gervais “dead named” Caitlin Jenner by saying Bruce Jenner (so who won the Olympic medals?) Miley Cyrus begged everyone to forgive her for stating the obvious fact that much of hip hop/rap is sexist (She blamed her white privilege, naturally.) Ellen Page put Chris Pratt on blast for going to a church where she couldn’t have married her partner (did she even want to marry in this church?) It never ends because the goal post always moves.

Steven Crowder was just demonetized for saying “queer” even though that’s what the Q in LGBTQ stands for. A line in Disney’s Aladdin has now been changed not once but twice, and the evolution of the lyric illustrates our increasing humorlessness: from “where they cut off your ear if they don’t like your face/it’s barbaric but hey, it’s home” to “where you wander among every culture and tongue/ it’s chaotic but hey, it’s home.”

Liberal politicians are prized for being humorless, and the farther away they are from being a straight, white, cis-gendered male the better. (Watch your back, Biden.) Meanwhile, on the right, we have a wide range of personalities (one might even call it diversity) ranging from squeaky clean Boy Scouts like Ben Shapiro and Mitt Romney to the flamboyant Milo Yiannopolis who enjoys dressing in police fetish costumes and talking about his black husband. There’s Dr Ben Carson and Marco Rubio being discussed by Laura Ingram and Sean Hannity.

There’s Rush Limbaugh, who once lost advertisers for calling a young woman a slut because she wanted taxpayers to support her promiscuity by paying for her contraception. Ann Coulter is so incredibly not woke that she disqualifies herself from running for President because she doesn’t think that’s a woman’s place. Now many conservatives disagree with that view but they don’t kick Ann out of the party for expressing it. The right supports free speech.

It’s conservatives who defend a comedian’s right to make offensive jokes while leftists try to kick “problematic” comics off college campuses and Netflix. It’s leftist politicians who are pandering to Twitter activists by illegally barring Chick-fil-A from airports and cities. It’s leftists who are demanding through lawsuits that Christian bakers and florists cater gay weddings that violate their beliefs.

Decades after leftists expressed their version of free speech by defending “Piss Christ” (that was a crucifix in urine; you know, art,) they have now become the cultural gatekeepers of what’s allowed ( sexual depravity, blasphemy, disrespect towards Christianity) and what most definitely is not allowed (jokes that offend minorities, disrespect towards Islam.) It’s the new Moral Minority.

Are Conservatives Too Chill?

Last week, Vox personality Carlos Maza waged war on conservative comedian Steven Crowder for what he claims is a pattern of harassment. Maza objects to Crowder repeatedly bringing up Maza’s Mexican heritage and calling him a “lispy queer,” and Maza questions the sincerity of YouTube’s LGBTQ support since they served as one of Crowder’s platforms. YouTube responded by de-monetizing Crowder’s show, Louder With Crowder, and although the comedian still sells his viewer subscription, the blatant bias and censorship are jarring.

Both sides can argue over whether YouTube is indeed a platform or a publisher, but the fact remains the last couple years have seen multiple conservatives lose their main sources of communication, ostensibly over their politically incorrect ideas and words. Milo Yiannopolis was fired by Breitbart, Jordan Peterson was disinvited by Cambridge, and Alex Jones was completely de-platformed by all the major social networks at once.

In most cases, it’s because people on the left complained, and everyone who pays attention to the news knows the left will boycott, riot, and even commit violence to get their way, while the right will mostly remain calm. Does this relative restraint on the part of conservatives ensure a permanent left-wing culture? How thin is the line between conservative restraint and conservative apathy?

Left-leaning college students have whined for years about Crowder destroying their safe spaces with his “Change My Mind” debates. It could be that YouTube has just been waiting to de-monetize his show, and that Carlos Maza gave the youth-craving social media site the perfect excuse with his very public tantrum during Pride Month.

In an effort to get more across-the-board support, Crowder emphasized in an explanatory video that YouTube’s actions were about offensive speech and not about him being conservative. But, confusingly, he had already undermined that claim by showing various clips of liberal comedians on commercial television doing and saying things that are much more offensive than Crowder calling Maza a word that is represented by the Q in LGBTQ. For example, he showed Samantha Bee calling President Trump’s daughter Ivanka a “feckless c-nt.” He also played a clip of Jimmy Kimmel doing blackface.

Sorry Steven, but it’s definitely because you’re conservative. Maybe YouTube sided with Vox and Maza over the much more popular Crowder because they feared alienating the LGBTQ crowd far more than they feared alienating conservatives. Maybe liberals dominate the culture simply because they complain so much–unlike conservatives, they do not tolerate ideas they dislike. Conservatives mind their own business and for the most part tolerate dissent. My religious parents have no interest in watching Will & Grace or Stephen Colbert, but they won’t begrudge anyone else watching them. In stark contrast, leftists once sent out a petition to get NRA-TV banned from all viewing services.

Maybe Disney felt comfortable threatening Georgia over the state’s pending pro-life laws because they know all too well that no matter what they do to support abortion, pro-lifers and conservatives are still going to line up to watch The Lion King. They’ll still download The Avengers and they’ll still sign up for Disney+ later this year. But if Disney simply were to remain neutral, the left would declare war and boycott everything the Mouse puts out. Whereas, if pro-lifers had mobilized as forcefully as Maza’s squad, perhaps Disney CEO Bob Iger would have walked back his abortion support.

If conservatives are going to change people’s minds they must get a firmer grip on the culture. You can have the world’s best argument but that’s for nothing if you don’t have a platform.

The Problem With Pride

In twenty years—and maybe sooner—it will rival Christmas in terms of sheer commercial power. The rainbow will be more omnipresent as corporate branding in June than the Christmas tree in December, and unlike Christmas there will be no need to hide under a politically correct euphemism like “happy holidays;” Pride is already politically correct: a celebration of what used to be considered a sin, a perversion, a deviance. The parades and festivals began after Stonewall in 1969 and have grown from a counter culture’s annual rejection of the norm, to a commercial, socially accepted party attended by mayors and businesses and churches and synagogues.

But with straight society’s evolution from repulsion to its shrugging toleration to its outright promotion there has been no decrease in the public flaunting of indecency. One need not be a religious extremist to shake a head in disgust at the sight of half naked men with penis-shaped popsicles, or lesbians with tee shirts advertising their skills at oral sex. In an age when excellent students are no longer allowed to be valedictorians because everyone is special, we are supposed to applaud those brave men and women who have sex with the same gender, as well as those “non-binaries” who shun such Victorian concepts as male and female altogether.

The bewildered few who are horrified by the sight of child drag queens are mocked as hopeless bigots. The Christians who refuse to change their beliefs are being socially cast out; Cardinal Tobin gently reminded Catholics they cannot participate in Pride (after all, in Catholicism, lust and even pride itself are two of the seven deadly sins) and he was promptly castigated by what passes for the news media. In Christianity, the antidotes to the deadly sins are virtues and they are usually opposites. The opposite of pride is humility. That’s a quality that doesn’t lend itself to parades but one our society would do well to adopt. If, in modern America, the only virtue is tolerance, then the only sin is prejudice.

Prejudice used to mean racism but now it means holding on to the beliefs of our ancient religions. The lgbtq revolution has demolished the very concept of sin, even for those who are straight. For instance, Jesus Christ would be called out for “slut shaming” the adulteress He told to sin no more. And working out and attempting to improve ourselves physically has given way to fat pride. The lgbtq revolution is devastating the West.

The media was wrong all those years ago when they claimed gay is the new black. In truth, there has never been anything like this movement; nothing about the black (or Irish or Japanese) civil rights plight is analogous to turning various sins and flaws into minority groups. It’s new territory and it’s nothing to be proud of.